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Yes, another television post—BUT, in my defense, there is a book post coming up soon when the rest of my book haul arrives!

Until then, here is television. *confetti cannon blast*

Now, while I have been reading as well (For real, I’m still not over Dragon Bound, Maddy!), I also need those television breaks in between for that other side of inspiration and brain-mush. And over the weeks, I’ve added a few more new shows to my list which I’m super, super excited about:


THIS SHOW. Oh my goodness, this show and I were just an inevitable match from the beginning. It showcases the darker behind-the-scenes look on a Bachelor-esque reality show from the lens of the crew and producers who are the real drama-stirrers in the business. It’s honestly like watching a dark, twisted disaster you can’t help but be severely fascinated by. I seriously want to punch the characters in the face on multiple occasions, but as a sucker for antiheroes and antiheroines, that’s a good thing in my book.


Ooooooh yes, another obsession. Normally I am NOT one for scary movies at all. I’m the movie-watcher who spends more time plugging her ears and cowering behind her hands than actually watching the movie. However, after one weekend at my sister’s house which involved a bizarre Scream movie marathon, I was ridiculously hooked. Scream is creepy, wonderfully self-referential in an amusing way, at times over-the-top—but over all, AWESOME. And while the new tv show carries such a different energy compared to the movies, I’m still on board with what’s happening.


I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (or a million times?) how much I just straight up LOVE dance shows. So when SYTYCD came back on, you best believe I’ve been drooling all over the audition episodes. Auditions and callbacks are my favorite parts of the season, and now that the callbacks are over, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of the Team Stage vs. Team Street battle.

So that’s just a quick recap of my most current watches, but I swear I’ll be posting something more bookish next! However, I am TOTALLY not opposed to gushing even more over these shows in the comments or hearing more recommendations of shows to watch from anyone who has any . . .

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  1. Ooh ooh! Dance shows, huh? Have you watched Breaking Pointe? It’s a CW show and I think it got cancelled, but it’s about ballet featuring MY ballet company, Ballet West!! (I’m ridiculously snobby about it). It’s more of a reality show (lots o’ drama created) and I’ve only watched a few episodes, but it’s really cool! (At least for me because there are people I know on it!!–OMG, again–so sorry about the snobbery–it’s disgusting!) You should check it out if you haven’t!

    • Whoaaaa I think I may have heard of this show, but you never told me you were a ballerina!!!! SERIOUSLY, THAT IS SO COOL (and I am so jealous). Also, don’t apologize because that is SO not snobbery—it must’ve been so surreal to see your company get the good ol’ CW treatment 😉 Thanks for mentioning it, I will definitely be checking it out!!

      • Haha, nooo… I used to dance, but not so much anymore! :)) I wasn’t in the company, but sometimes they would teach and then kids from our school would get accepted into the company! Anyways, yay!! You’ll have to let me know how you like it!! And OMG if you do watch, UGGGGH Christiana Bennett is freakin’ amazing!! My fav!!

      • Ahhh, you must tell me more about your ballet background, so so cool!! I’m super pumped to check it out because I can ALREADY tell I’m gonna get addicted and will for sure look out for her 🙂

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