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Welcome back to my television randomness, people. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but I have to say, this has to be my most diverse line up yet. But hey, what’s wrong with a little variety? Is it so bad to have your heart-stopping dramas thrown in with your reality tv shows? ABSOLUTELY. NOT.


For a while I kind of let this series fall to the side. But after a weekend with my sister, which included her force-feeding me the most recent season, I am back on track. And ohmygoodness. SO. GOOD. While the characters’ obsessions with HEAs sometimes make me want to laugh (happiness is no joke to these people. Re: gif), just the way the writers handled villains and good-versus-evil was seriously something else. I cried, as per usual. Can’t wait for the next season and more Hook (because sexy pirate is sexy).



I KNOW—THE TITLE. But no judgmental eyes here, people, because this show is actually a diamond in the rough. One day I saw that the first four seasons were all on Netflix and decided on a whim to watch the first episode at the gym. It was probably my biggest mistake since I was laughing/gasping hard on the treadmill people thought I was probably having an asthma attack. I burned through allllllll of the seasons in between my writing for some much needed laughs. Also, let’s be real, for some much needed gentle-giant Danny as pictured above.


Yes say what you will about the Bachelor shows, but they are actually SO. FUNNY. After watching UnREAL, I feel like I take in these shows now with a completely different perspective. The people on it frustrate me to no end, but I am still shamelessly hooked on it regardless. There is just something so train wreck about it—I can’t look away even if I wanted to. This season has been all about the cheesy swells of music and the glorious ugly-cry, as pictured above.


Yes, back on this train again. I feel like ANTM has been around for so long and I just stopped tuning in after cycle 293384—but once they threw male models into the mix, I could not ignore the drama siren call. It’s like the Bachelor meets Zoolander and is seriously a thing of reality tv show nightmares and dreams. This season, they have a lot of interesting contenders, but Nyle is definitely one of my favorites (and if he doesn’t win or at least make it into the top, I WILL riot).


Saving the best for last—OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS THE SPECTACULAR. I devoured it all in two days, and I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed and emotionally-compromised by a show in a while. It got me right in the feels, and then some. The plot is so intricate, the settings are so beautiful, and the diverse cast of characters are amazing. The story itself is just fantastic and the ships are unstoppable (Wolfgang and Kala for OTP). This show has been one of the best I’ve discovered this year, and has quickly elevated to one of my favorite shows of all time. Not only is the content so compelling and the characters even more so, but the show has also been inspiring my writing brain and maybe even future story ideas. I definitely recommend this show to EVERYONE (I converted my sister right after my Sense8 marathon and she is just as hardcore about it as I am now); but for writers, I especially recommend this to anyone who’s looking for good examples of balancing and weaving multiple POVs because it is done so flawlessly here. Pretty much everything is flawless.

Okay, I’m done gushing. Or am I? I’m totally not opposed to more gushing about any new shows you guys recommend/have started watching in the comments! Hit me with your faves and guilty pleasures!

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  1. OH GOSH!! I’ve been hearing so much about Sense8… Hmm… Maybe I needs to watch?? And hahah, love that you laughed at the gym!! Done that waaaaay too many times, too… Should I also give Baby Daddy a try?? 😀

    • SENSE8 IS AMAZING, YOU WILL SERIOUSLY NOT REGRET IT!!!!! And absolutely yesssss, you MUST experience Baby Daddy. Akshaya and I both had a period of obsessively marathoning the show hahahaa

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