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Yay, more blog fun! Huge thanks to the lovely Amanda for tagging me in this One Lovely Blog Award! To achieve supreme coolness, make sure you visit her fantastic book blog To Live a Thousand Lives because it is chock full of bookish goodies and recommendations πŸ˜€

The Rules:

1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
2. You must list the rules and display the award.
3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.
4. You must nominate 5 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Seven Facts About Me:

1 — Red is my favorite color. Seriously, I love ALL the red things. A lot of people think it’s stupid that I call it my power color, but who doesn’t feel 1000x more fabulous with a dash of red or some other bold color on?

2 — My best brainstorming/story daydreaming is done when I’m cruising in the car, blasting one of my story playlists. There’s just something weirdly therapeutic about driving that unlocks a lot of scenes for me, so I’m really not kidding when I say I LOVE long drives. They’re super productive.

3 — I also love fortune cookies! Not actually eating them, but cracking them open and reading the fortune. I’m oddly superstitious (don’t even get me started on that) so when I get a good fortune, I’ll often stick it to my cork board for luck.

4 — My favorite animal is the fox. I think they’re such gorgeous, clever creatures, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to have my own fox as part of my future dream pet squad. And since I feel so connected with them (along with having had a strange encounter with a pack of foxes a while ago), I’m absolutely certain a fox would also be my Patronus.

5 — The film that made me fall deeply in love with movie scores was the 2003 version of Peter Pan—I was only ten, and so incredibly moved by the score that I’d watched it in theaters again and again (whilst bawling, again and again). I remember telling my mom that this music was exactly what I thought love sounded like, which still holds true to this day.

6 — I swear left and right that the only reason I got into my high school was because of Raven-SymonΓ©. For my private school, we had to take intro exams (which I purposely failed because I did NOT want to go) as well as write an entrance essay on a female figure we admired. While the other girls wrote about Eleanor Roosevelt and Mother Theresa, I wrote about my back-then (let’s be real: still) Disney TV hero, Raven-SymonΓ©.

7 — The moment I knew I really really wanted to be a writer was in 8th grade when my history teacher assigned us a project of creating a simple 5-page log of a citizen’s daily life during the American Revolution. Instead, I turned in a 15-page long diary (with artfully burnt paper edges, then soaked in tea for the aged-crinkly effect) which covered a sweeping tale of a British spy who falls for an American woman, is found out to be a traitor, then sent to the gallows and hung for his crime. Oh, and the last page was dramatically thrown into the POV of the woman, who was then discovered to be pregnant with his child. Classic.

Okay, enough about me. I’m nominating super writers Ella and Meg!

9 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. I love foxes too!!! I looked into getting a pet one but apparently undomesticated species are um, difficult to live with (they pee on everything, all the time, all the things). But they are so cute and mysterious!

    I can’t wait for Colorado Thudnight(s)! πŸ™‚

    • Yayyyy a fellow fox lover! And did you really?! Ah man, the peeing thing is a bummer. I guess my dream scenario now is to rescue an abandoned baby fox and then potty train him or her to perfection? Hopefully that’s possible, because I refuse to give up this dream haha!

      And YES DITTO!! So excited to finally meet you in person and experience real life Thudnights and writing buddy days πŸ˜€

      • Actually, I think Russia (or another country in that area) has been breeding domesticated foxes to be pets! Kinda the difference between a tiger and a tabby cat – but don’t ask me how the science works. The point is for like $1000 you could still have your dream!!!

      • Ahhh no way, this gives me hope! If I somehow win the lottery, a badass Russian fox would absolutely be on the top of my splurge gift wishlist πŸ˜‰

      • No, here’s what you do: feature a fox in your big-6 book deal’s novel, then the publisher can buy you one to take on tour πŸ˜€

      • Eeek yes, I actually DO have a fox in my pirate fantasy!!!….except it’s a black fox, which are not exactly easy to come by :\ Oh well, dream big publisher will make it happen somehow! (Throw a fox into your book too so we can tour together with our fox companions πŸ˜€ )

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