I’m Still Not Over Zootopia

So, I watched Zootopia last week and it totally blew me away. Then I watched it again at the end of this week and it continued to be a brilliant cinematic star. In my world, if it calls for more than one theater viewing, it really is that good. Correction: IT IS ACTUALLY GOLD ON A SILVER SCREEN.

And because I’m just super infatuated with this movie, lemme passionately blog about it—and if these ten reasons can’t tempt you into watching it, I don’t know what will.

1. The main character is basically Leslie Knope if she were a rabbit. And she is just so darn inspirational. Every obstacle she comes across, she conquers it with a smile and endless pep.


3. Scratch that, I’M IN LOVE WITH THEM TOGETHER. Their team dynamic made me squeal a lot.

4. Animals! Lots and lots of glorious animals!

5. The world is pretty freaking amazing and so cleverly built. For reals, I wish I could live in Zootopia.

6. Speaking of the amazing world, it allows for moments like this. Enough said.

7. The feels and humor are so on point. When I wasn’t crying, I was choking on popcorn from laughing.

8. Wonderful plot, teeming with rad sleuthing and detective work.

9. Most importantly, this movie is just so RELEVANT. Insanely smart, outrageously timely, and tackles so many of the serious issues in the world today in a way that makes this film kid-friendly, adult-friendly, and—hell, let’s be real—mankind-friendly. It’s mind-boggling to me that this movie is released now of all times, as we’re in the midst of a very controversial race for the presidency that’s raised the same fears and concerns touched upon in this movie. From this standpoint, watching Zootopia honestly felt like looking into a mirror and seeing a cautionary reflection of what is already happening, and what may worsen if we don’t stop it. To avoid spoilers, everyone should just watch Zootopia! I mean, can you really resist the promise of powerful underlying messages within this film, as well as the opportunity to see a fennec fox in an elephant costume?

10. Lastly, it’s impossible not to do a little happy dance to this inspirational jam right here 😀 *immediately adds to motivational playlist*


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