When Night Breaks Preorder Campaign

the preorder prizes

  • Printed When Night Breaks Playbill ft. art by Alexis Castellanos, cast list/ bios, and a recap of Where Dreams Descend
  • WDD/WNB bookmarks
  • Digital bundle including an annotated chapter from Where Dreams Descend, song playlist, and fun facts about the series (i.e. characters/scenes that were cut, musical references, etc)
  • for every preorder receipt submitted, $1 will be donated to the Asian Mental Health Collective
  • mirror bookplate (also designed by Alexis Castellanos)
*whether you’re a US/CAN or INTL reader, for EVERY When Night Breaks preorder where proof of purchase has been submitted to the forms below, $1 USD will be donated to this organization

An Unlikely Story Preorders

If you preorder your copy of When Night Breaks at my local indie of choice, you are guaranteed to get ALL physical and digital preorder goodies, along with donating $1 to AMHC! If you would like your copy personalized, please say so in the comments when you check out.

General Preorders

Are you a US/Can reader who preordered When Night Breaks from your local indie, Amazon, B&N, or any of the retailers listed here? Physical preorder goodies are all claimed but submit receipts for digital prizes and $1 donation to AMHC to this form!

INTL Preorders

Are you an INTL reader who preordered When Night Breaks? Physical preorder goodies are all claimed but you can still submit receipts for digital prizes and $1 donation to AMHC to this form!

The competition is over, but the show has only just begun …

Players, here’s your chance to get cast in the world premiere of When Night Breaks with a personality quiz!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are book preorders so important and how does it help the author? Here’s an awesome informative post that breaks it down very succinctly!

So if we submit proof of preorder purchase, you’re donating $1 to the Asian Mental Health Collective? Why did you choose that organization? Thanks for asking—that is correct! I don’t have an official post as to why I chose AMHC, but my writing journey with When Night Breaks was a difficult, dark road that forced me to prioritize my mental health and well being when both were in jeopardy. As an Asian author on top of that, I’m well aware of how mental health is notoriously stigmatized within my own community. The AMHC is an organization that works to destigmatize the subject within Asian communities, provide resources to those in need who may have felt pressured to internalize/ignore their own pain, and spread awareness to normalize the conversation. I’ve spoken about this a lot on my social media, but ultimately, even though writing When Night Breaks brought a lot of pain and sickness into my life, I’m proud that it will be providing donations to this cause as a light to all the dark from before.

These aren’t easy times for anyone, and definitely not for new authors publishing new books. What’s the best way to support you and When Night Breaks? There are SO many answers to this, but I’ve tried to make a very easy author support list that doubles as a game! Check out this page on my website to see what sort of tasks are enormously helpful to authors—and if you’re able to achieve enough, you could even win some fabulous prizes 🙂

Does the OwlCrate edition of When Night Breaks count toward your preorder campaign or as a first week sale? It does not, I’m sorry. Technically, book boxes and special editions of books are considered proprietary editions, which are not exactly interchangeable with the OFFICIAL in-stores edition of a book (aka the edition that benefits the author the most if bought). Regardless, I absolutely LOVE special editions and am so grateful to have a gorgeous OwlCrate duology set!! The reason I’m unable to count those versions toward the preorder campaign is mainly because I’m funding this preorder campaign all out of my own pocket. With all I’ve had to commission so far, and domestic/INTL shipping still to come, including OwlCrate would’ve pushed me way past my author and personal finances.

Are you SURE this series is a duology and it all ends with When Night Breaks? This has always been a duology, so two books! Of course, I do have ideas for other stories in the world, but most authors don’t really have the power to keep writing more in a series if they want to. If there’s a proven readership and popularity, then of course the publisher will be more excited if we have more ideas to keep the series going! But in a way, that means YOU readers have a lot more sway and power than you think. Use it wisely 😉

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