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a.k.a The Links the Saved my Life. No literally—they did. The bulk of writing is very self-taught, and the same goes with navigating through that crazy process called trying to get published. As someone who loves sharing  gems, here are just some articles, links, and all-around cool writing resources in one spot. It’s an ever-growing list, so there will always be more to add since there’s just so much out there! But it’s good to have too much rather than too little, right? As the wise old Scar says . . .

[ you should always ]

3-part Writing Process of Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra by Michael DiMartino (Writing the Premise, Writing the Outline, Writing the Script)

5 Books to Help You Create a Compelling Story by Michael DiMartino

(^^^just check out his whole blog because it is PACKED with writing advice)

WriteOnCon videos

Wordcounts article by Jennifer Laughran

Susan Dennard’s ridiculously awesome wealth of Writing Resources






K.M. Weiland’s fantastic series on Creating Stunning Character Arcs! It’s a 15 part series so quite a bit of reading, but it’s so worth it. Especially for those who have done literally EVERYTHING to untangle their story arcs to no success, this teaches you to structure it based on character!

My wise and wonderful friends on the Writer’s Block Party blog cover EVERYTHING from writing to publishing. So much great advice!


Query Shark

AQ Connect forum for Query Letters and Hooks

Writer’s Digest successful queries

Researching Agents:



Manuscript Wishlist

Literary Rambles

Literary Rejections (interviews, blog, database)

When Not to Query from Dead Darlings


Publishers Weekly

Pub Talk TV

Publishing Crawl

Jennifer Laughran’s Ask the Agent tumblr page, which has TRUCKLOADS of knowledge on everything querying, writing, and publishing!


Write or Die Podcast with Claribel Ortega

Publishing Crawl Podcast with S. Jae-Jones (JJ) and Kelly Van Sant

88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang

Literaticast with Jennifer Laughran

First Draft with Sarah Enni

Shipping & Handling with Jennifer Udden and Bridget Smith


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